Cosmology: An open faculty lecture for undergraduates

I gave these lectures during the summer semester 2016 at Xiamen University. It was open to undergraduate students of all faculties, and each lecture covered 2 x 45 min. The goal was to show what we (the physicists) are doing, to raise interest in natural sciences and to broaden the minds of the young students who are going to be the teachers of generations to come.

The lectures for download:

Lecture 1; History of cosmology: From early beginnings to medieval times.

Lecture 2; History of cosmology: Toward modern cosmology.

Lecture 3; Astrophysics of stars and galaxies.

Lecture 4; Philosophy: Cosmologist's principles.

Lecture 5; Space and time: Einstein's special relativity.

Lecture 6; Curved spaces: General relativity.

Lecture 7; Black holes.

Lecture 8; The expanding universe.

Lecture 9; Redshift and cosmic models.

Lecture 10; The early universe.

Lecture 11; The currently best model of our Universe.

Lecture 12; Cosmic horizons and inflation.

Lecture 13; Speculative cosmology.

Lecture 14; Life in the universe.

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Last updated: May 2016