Docter Optic Binoculars (early 1990s)

by Holger Merlitz

(Scans kindly provided by Chris Thompson)


These leaflets were distributed by binoculars dealers during the early 1990s. Docter Optic had previously taken over the Zeiss Jena plant in Eisfeld, and their products, as presented in these leaflets, clearly demonstrate the close heritage with the Zeiss Jena binoculars. It is therefore instructive to compare them with the Zeiss Jena Catalogue of 1985. Less than ten years have passed between both sets of documents. The classic line of binoculars was still in production, and the Nobilem line at its prime. In later years, Docter has reduced their selection of binoculars, and unfortunately some excellent performers like the 8x50 and 12x50 Nobilem are not available any more. The currently available products are found on the Analytik Jena webpage.

The Classic series (no longer made):

This was the continuation of the former Zeiss Jena models 8x30 Deltrintem, 7x50 Binoctem, and 10x50 Dekarem (all of them also sold under the label 'Jenoptem'). During DDR times, these were made in huge amounts, 200000 samples in some years. After the unification, the prices for these classic models increased significantly and they were no longer able to compete with the countless Japanese clones on the market. Docter was driven to abandon this line around 1994.

The Nobilem line (partially still in production):

This was the high end series which was initiated around 1985 with Zeiss Jena's 8x50 Octarem and 12x50 Dodecarem. All of the Nobilems were featuring essentially the same main body, but with different objective sizes and oculars. Even when considering today's standards, these Nobilems were excellent performers. They may not be as fashionable and sexy as today's slim roof prism binoculars, but they are still competitive in terms of optical performance.

The 7x50 Nobilem (discontinued 2014)

The 7x50 Navidoc (discontinued 2014)

The 8x50 Nobilem (no longer made)

The 10x50 Nobilem (discontinued 2014)

The 12x50 Nobilem (no longer made)

The 8x56 Nobilem (still in production)

The 15x60 Nobilem (still in production)

The DF 7x40 (still in production)

The military binocular of the former NVA, converted by Docter into a 'civilized' version. The infrared detector and tritium reticle illumination were removed, and the yellowish lenses replaced with the current, transparent glass. This binocular is still as rugged as a tank and made for the extreme tours. Today, Docter is also offering a 10x42 version of this model.

The roof prism binoculars (partially replaced)

These were the follow ups of the Zeiss Jena Notarem series. Docter added aspherical lenses to the 10x40 version to improve its performance, and also improved the weather resistance of both models. Today, the 10x40 is replaced with the Docter 10x42 ED, which also comes with 8x power, but Docter is no longer offering any 8x30 binocular.

The 8x32 B/GA (no longer made)

The 10x40 B/GA (no longer made, replaced with the 10x42 ED)

The compact binoculars (no longer made)

These have also got a Zeiss Jena heritage. They are not made any longer.

The monocular (still in production)

This was the former Zeiss Jena Tumron, it is still in production.

The Aspectem spotting scope (still in production)

This one has got a long history, originating from the Zeiss Jena Asembi of the first World War period. It has several times been revised over the last 100 years, and is nowadays available with modern ED glasses and among the best high power binoculars found on the market.

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Last updated: September 2015