Database of Astro-Physics product catalogs

On this page, product catalogs of astro-equipment maker Astro-Physics are collected. If you happen to own old catalogs/brochures which are not yet listed here, please feel free to contact me so that I may add them to the database. The files are stored in PDF-format with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability.

There also exists the Astro-Physics Product History page on which information and specifications regarding previous products are summarized.

Instead of reading through all those catalogs, you may prefer to lean back and let Youtube-member starastronomer present you the Astro-Physics telescope catalogs between 1990 and 1998.

Collection of catalogs (pdf-files to download)

Acknowledgements: I thank Len Fulham, Mike Hambrick, Lew Morris, Scott Mortimer and Jim Phillips for kindly providing their catalogs, Tony ("Harley Davidson") for his scanning work, and Astro-Physics for their permission to present them on this website.

Last modified: June 2023

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