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Two new binocular books!

The Binocular Handbook: Function, Performance and Evaluation of Binoculars by Holger Merlitz

All about the technical aspects of binoculars, human vision, and performance limits of visual observation. Free shipping worldwide if ordered via the above Springer link page.

Choosing & Using Binoculars: A Guide for Star Gazers, Birders and Outdoor Enthusiasts by Neil English

All about the selection and application of binoculars, with numerous examples and test reports. Free shipping worldwide if ordered via the above Springer link page.

Binocular reviews and related articles:

New: Review: United Optics Sky Rover 12x50 Banner Cloud APO

Review: Swarovski 8x32 NL Pure vs. EL WB

Review: Zeiss Jena 7x40 EDF vs. Noblex 7x40 B/GA

Review: Swarovski 8x30 CL Companion vs. Nikon 8x30 Monarch HG

Old vs. new: Nikon 8x30 EII vs. 8x30 Monarch HG

Old vs. new: Swarovski Habicht 8x30 W and 8x30 CL Companion

Field test: Nikon 7x50 and 10x50 WX binoculars

Nikon 7x50 and 10x50 WX binoculars

Review: Fujinon 10x50 FMT-SX2 vs. United Optics 10x50 Sky Rover

Some vintage catalogues of Carl Zeiss Jena and Docter Optic:

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue (1912)

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue (1923)

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue (1931)

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue (1974)

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue (1980)

Carl Zeiss Jena catalogue of 1985

Docter Optic leaflets of the early 1990s

Performance of binoculars: target detection

Distortion of the Zeiss Victory SF: A paradigmatic shift in binocular design?

My personal all-time favorite binoculars

Why I don't dismiss the Porro binocular

Calling for a new wideangle binocular!

Distortion of the visual field (How to measure)

Case study: The distortion of the BPO 7x30

The image-curvature of pincushion distortion in binoculars

The digital binocular - when will it be there?

Distortion and globe effect in binoculars

Collected wisdoms for purchasing binoculars, an unsystematic collection of hints and tips, to be continued...

Kronos BPWC2 6x30 binocular review

Review: NVA DF 7x40 vs. BPO 7x30 vs. Kronos BPWC 8x40

Review: Nobilem 8x50 B/GA vs. Jenoptem 7x50W vs. NVA DF 7x40

Review: NVA EDF 7x40 vs. BPO 7x30 vs. Hensoldt DF 8x30

Review: Fujinon 10x50 FMTR-SX vs. Docter Nobilem 10x50 B/GA vs. Zeiss Jenoptem 10x50W

Review: Docter 10x42 B/CF vs. TS 10x42 vs. Zeiss Dialyt 10x40 B

Review: Zeiss Dienstglas 8x30 vs. Hensoldt DF 8x30 vs. Steiner Fero-D 12 8x30

Review: IOR-SA 7x40 vs. Zeiss Jena EDF 7x40 vs. PZO 7x45

How to identify fake Zeiss Jenoptems, with materials by Claudio Manetti

Review: 10x50 Swift Kestrel vs. Zeiss Jenoptem vs. Hensoldt Diagon

Review: Nikon 8x32 SE vs. Fujinon 8x30 FMTR-SX vs. Hensoldt 8x30 Fero-D 16

Review: 8x30 Kern (Leica) Aarau vs. Hensoldt Fero-D 16 vs. IOR B/GA

Review: Kronos BPO 10x50 vs. Kronos BP 12x40 vs. Baigish BPOc 10x42

Review: 7x50 Miyauchi Binon vs. Fujinon FMT-SX vs. Tasco No. 124

Review: 8x50 Zeiss (Oberkochen) vs. Zeiss (Jena) Nobilem Super vs. Docter Nobilem B/GA

Review: 8x30 Nikon EII vs. EO System EBR vs. IOR B/GA

Review: Comparison of military 7x40 binoculars (plus Swarovski Habicht)

Review: 10x50 Zeiss (Oberkochen) vs. Hensoldt Dialyt vs. Ross Stepmur

Review: 7x42 Swarovski Habicht vs. 7x42 Zeiss B/GA Dialyt vs. 8x42 Docter B/CF

Review: 12x50 Optolyth Alpin (Classic) vs. Zeiss Jena Dodecarem vs. Zeiss Jena Nobilem Spezial

Review: Kowa 8.5x44 Prominar XD vs. Meopta 8x42 Meostar B1 vs. Vortex 8x42 Razor

Review: Classic 8x30 Porro binoculars

NVA DF 7x40 clone made in Sarajevo

Review: The Zen-Ray 7x36 ED2

Review: Meopta 8x32 Meostar B1 vs. Nikon 8x30 EII

Binoculars news from China

There are lots of mediocre quality binoculars coming from China and flooding the online auctions with ruby-coated plastic crap. However, with open eyes and some patience, it is possible to detect more. In this section I want to present samples that I have found here in China and which perform either far beyond the average or, at least, exhibit some interesting features.

Review: The military 8x40 BM2-0840 (United-Optics)

Review: The 15x60 BA4-1560 (United-Optics)

Review: Chinese military 7x40 and 12x42 (Hioptic)

Review: General Hi-T Mil 8x30 (Xi'an Vision Ares)

Bino-fans meeting December 2005, Xiamen

Review: LOAVA 10x50 HG (CF) and 10x50 HG (General)

Review: Opera glass 2.3x40 (United Optics)

Review: LOAVA 8x45

Review: Current Chinese 8x40 binoculars

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